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MMC, Inc.
A New Dimension In Human Resources

MMC Inc., the premier Human Resource Consulting and Outsourcing service organization for American midsize business enterprises, offers a total solution for some of the biggest challenges today's businesses face -- human resources management and increasing litigation of labor law employment issues. By outsourcing back office functions such as payroll processing, tax filing, employee benefits administration, human resources management, labor and employment law concerns, worker's compensation and business insurance risk management functions, MMC's clients enjoy more time and resources to dedicate to revenue-generating activities while their employees enjoy the streamlined process of having their employee and family needs best met.

As the creator of the Innovative Management Approach (IMA), MMC has distinguished itself for the past quarter of a century by partnering with its clients to deliver custom tailored HRO services based on its clients' unique needs. Flexibility makes for long-lasting business relationships. The average MMC-client relationship spans at least 10 years - a statistic unheard of in the professional employer organization and human resource outsourcing industries.

As the HRO service provider for over 15,000 employees, MMC has learned that there are no cookie-cutter approaches when it comes to resolving workplace concerns. MMC takes a special interest in assuring each client's success.

Client liabilities are treated the same as if they were MMC's liabilities. Each day MMC's team of talented human resource professionals work together to ferret out potential problems in a client's work environment to develop unique human resource strategies that allow for proactive and innovative employee management solutions.